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Fire ravages over ten shops at Bonamoussadi market in Douala.

Yesterday the 8th of October,2017, a mysterious fire burnt down over 10 shops at the Bonamoussadi market, Douala. The cause of the fire is still unknown but rumor has it that its due to electrical fault.

It should be noted that this year i.e 2017 has recorded the highest cases of fire accidents in the history of this nation. In fact 2017 is like a mysterious year i.e. lots of inexplicable things have been happening this year. Numerous road accidents, the mysterious death of Bishop Balla, the fire incident at the Cameroon house of Assembly and above all the Anglophone crisis; which has lad to the arbitrary arrest and killing of soooo many innocent Anglophone Cameroonians, military personnel and law enforcement officers.

With all those dreadful things happening  it will be very hard to tell if the upcoming year will be better or worst. Nevertheless we thank God for making us to go through 2017 8this perilous year).

Today, the 8th of December,2017 The Government of Cameroon Paid tribute to the Soldiers and Police men killed in Mamfe (SEE PHOTOS OF FALLEN SOLDIERS)

These are photos of some of the soldiers and police men murdered in Mamfe last month i.e. 

It should be noted that all killings took place while president Biya was in Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

Upon arrival of from Abidjan (on Thursday 30 November 2017 where he participated at the 5th African Union – European Union Summit), President Paul Biya made a brief declaration to the press concerning the assassination of four soldiers and two police officers around Mamfe.

The Head of State said....

 It was with profound emotion that he learnt that four Cameroonian soldiers and two police officers were killed in the South West Region of our country. He expressed heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families of the fallen soldiers and police officers, as well as to all the defense and security forces.

Furthermore, the President emphasized on the fact that Cameroon has been repeatedly under attack by terrorists operating under the ambit of a secessionist group.

The Head of State firmly assured the Cameroon people that all measures have been taken to put an end to these acts of aggression, and to ensure that peace and security reign all over the national territory.
As you read this post, more than 5 trucks of soldiers have been sent to Mamfe to ensure that peace and security reign in the region.


Blanche Bailly Pro-school resumption activism (Watch Video)

Blanche Bailly; the famous Cameroon Afropop artist visited another school in the SW region and the student in attendance where fortunate to have Blanche Bailly signed on their exercise books.

Their autographs will grant them free entry in to any concert organised by the artist.

Watch video...

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Is this not an indirect Pro-school resumption activism??? leave a comment below


The Son of Peter Okoye (of PSQUARE) is on the right path to becoming a football superstar like MESSI, Eto,o , Drogba

Cameron Okoye; the 8yrs old son of Peter Okoye (one of the P-Square brothers), just passed the entrance test in to FC Barcelona Soccer school in Lagos.

Peter Okoye AKA Mr P took to his Instagram page to share this good news with his fans.

This is a huge break through for the young man as FC Barcelona is arguably the best football club in the world. Schooling in their football academy will no doubt equip Cameron Okoye with all the skills needed to become a future superstar like Messi, Ronaldo, ETO'O  Drogba etc . I wish him Good luck.

See more Photos and videos of Cameron Okoye in action at the Barcelona soccer school, Lagos and with his role models.

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As a reminder, Peter Okoye has 2 children with his wife Lola Okoye.
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Madam Chantal Biya celebrated her 47th Birthday on the 4th of December,2017.

The first lady of the republic of Cameroon and famous philanthropist; Mrs Chantal Biya, celebrated her 47th birth day on the 4th of December,2017. The birthday wasn't a highly publicize one. It was attended by family members and few dignitaries. President Paul Biya (who has been married to Madam Chantal Biya for 23 good yrs) cut the birthday cake to kick start the celebration.

As a reminder, Mrs Chantal Biya was born on the 4th of December 1970. She got married to President Paul Biya on the 23rd of April 1994 i.e. 2yrs after president Paul Biya's first wife, Jeanne-Irène Biya, mysteriously died in 1992.

Madam Chantal Biya was just 23yrs old and President Paul Biya was 61 yrs old when the couple got married in April 1994. 

The age difference between President Biya and Mrs Chantal Biya is 37 yrs.  So  we can literally say that Chantal Biya is the Wife and like a daughter to President Biya owing to the wide age difference between the couple.

Madam Chantal Biya currently has 2 children with President Biya i.e. Brenda Biya and Frank Biya; 21yrs and 19yrs old respectively. President Biya is currently 84yrs old which clearly suggest that he won,t be able to give Madam Chantal Biya a 3rd child, if he tries to do that at this age, he will surely *** in the process. Fill in the blank space.

I also wish madam Chantal Biya (the most elegant and fashionable first lady in Africa) more happy and prosperous years. May her husband live long and continue to rule this nation peacefully.

 In own opinion, the next president of Cameroon should still re-marry her (after president Paul Biya has joined his ancestors though).

Use the comment box below to send your birth day wishes to Madam Chantal Biya; the mother of the nation.


The street in Babardos where Rihanna grew up during childhood was renamed After her; from Westbury New Road to Rihanna Drive

Last Month (i.e. November), Rihanna; the famous singer, actress and entrepreneur from Barbados, was greatly honored by the Barbados government.

The Government of Barbados decided to rename the street where Rihanna grew up as a kid, from Westbury New Road to Rihanna Drive.

For those of you who don,t know, Rihanna grew up on Westbury New Road (now known as Rihanna Drive) until she was 16 (before she departed to US to pursue her music career).

On thursday the 30th of November,2017, Rihanna attended the name-changing ceremony organized in Westbury New Road (now known as Rihanna Drive). Due to the fact that Rihanna is a young Barbadian girl who has achieved a lot (before the age of 30), the name-changing ceremony was attended by mostly kids and teenagers who came to get an inspirational/motivational message from their role model/idol. For those of you who don,t know, it ain't easy to make it in Barbados, Haiti, Cuba and other South American countries dominated by mostly blacks. You have to work twice hard just like in Cameroon. So an inspirational/motivational message from Rihanna was very relevant to enable the young Barbadians to believe in their dreams and remain focused .

These are snippet videos of Rihanna's speech at the name-changing ceremony in Babardos.

The renaming of Westbury New Road to Rihanna Drive (after Rihanna; a world famous singer, actress and entrepreneur) will make the street, the most popular street in Babardos and one of the most popular streets in the world. When somebody tells you they are from or going to Rihanna Drive, you immediately know that they are from or going to the street in Babardos where Rihanna grew up as a kid.


Ambe and Askia dating rumor Got Many of Ambe's Female Fans asking the Question; IS AMBE BLIND???

Apart from members of the Alpha Better Records (i.e. Salatiel, Blaise B & Mr Leo), Ambe has appeared in many of Askia's Instagram posts more than any outsider, this got many of Ambe's fans (especially his female fans) wondering whether the Alpha Better Records queen is already dating Ambe; the popular Cameroonian Afropop artist.



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Fire ravages over ten shops at Bonamoussadi market in Douala.

Yesterday the 8th of October,2017, a mysterious fire burnt down over 10 shops at the Bonamoussadi market, Douala. The cause of the fire is s...